What is MIDAS

What is MiDAS?

MiDAS stands for Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme. It is a nationally recognised scheme that helps improve minibus safety by working with your organisation to improve driver standards.

MiDAS is available to all schools, colleges, voluntary organisations and council departments using minibuses

What happens if your organisation joins MiDAS?

Registering with MiDAS demonstrates your commitment to MiDAS training.  It shows that you take seriously your role in protecting your passengers and developing your drivers, ensuring safe travel in your organisation or community.


Registering is free, organisations joining MiDAS simply make the following commitment:


    • To assess and train all new drivers to the MiDAS standard from the date of joining
    • To assess and train all existing drivers within a period of 12 months from that date (this may be extended in exceptional circumstances)
    • To allow drivers holding MiDAS certificates issued by other organisations to drive your minibuses without the need for re-assessment (although local insurance conditions will always have to be fulfilled, and vehicle familiarisations undertaken)


Becoming MiDAS Registered

If you are organising training for drivers, you will need to register with the CTA as a MiDAS organisation.  For us to register your drivers’ certificates we need to provide the CTA with your organisation’s MiDAS registration number.   Just complete the application form below and send it back to the CTA, they will register you and inform you of your registration number.


MiDAS Registration Form

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